What’s Different About Training Small Dogs?

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42 Replies to “What’s Different About Training Small Dogs?”

  1. I’m getting a shiba inu in 3 weeks and I’m so excited to use your positive training techniques! Your videos always teach me so much; Thank you for all your hard work, and educating people about humane training!

    1. I have a Shiba Inu prepare for a TON of shedding and insane amount of stubbornness. This will be a big test of patience for you but if you’re prepared for both of those qualities then you’ll do just fine. They will attract attention everywhere you go. Regrettably their not the most affectionate dogs but are super loyal and super smart once you learn how to break through their hard headedness

    2. Grim Reaper oh god this. My girl wants SO HARD to be the boss. Its a daily battle to keep her from being a huge pain, and she requires a lot of interaction and stimulation. However, when you get her in the zone she’s so goddamn amazing. I just wish the play biting would go away.

    3. Grim Reaper I have experience with a husky so I am prepared for the shedding and the stubbornness haha. But thank you for the helpful information!

    1. PhantomRX they didnt do a collab i just got a notification and left her channel to come here

  2. Hey Zak… you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but I recently went to PetCo and talked to a dog trainer about how to become one when I’m older and all that stuff.. so we started talking and he said something about Cesar Millan abusing dogs? I mean, I don’t think he uses positive reinforcement but if you could it would be appreciative if you could give me your opinions on him? Thanks~

    1. Ham Nums … That not true Cesar has it own way to train and plz don’t forget that Cesar traing bad and Agressive 🐕 so, something … U need to be flexible… And have to hard of dog to make him understand..

    2. You’ve just had your first encounter with the politics in the world of dog training. One thing all dog trainers are great at is arguing about methods/tools etc. The best advice is to ignore the politics and find your own methods. Start off with clicker training/purely positive and get really good at it. Experience is everything and the more dogs you get your hands on the better you will be. Spend a few years and a few hundred dogs just using markers (clicker/voice etc) and rewards and then learn how to properly layer punishment and the use of aversives. Check out the IACP and Tyler Muto (chairman) and what he’s currently advocating for within the industry. The more methods you learn to use, the more flexible you will be and the more dogs you will be able to help.

      Cesar Millan has stepped into what could be called abuse. One particular dog – “Holly” (lab) is a great example of really bad training. Cesar really messed up (and got bitten in the process). In the early days he definitely used to flatten dogs and was way too heavy handed and probably ruined a number of dogs, but modern day Cesar is probably one of the least abusive guys out there.
      The only thing that makes Cesar “special” is his ability to read dogs.
      I’ve seen Cesar trying to lure and use food rewards and it’s clear he’s only a beginner. He does say “good boy” a lot on the show.

      Look up people like Michael Ellis (legend in dog sports), Ivan Balabanov (generally regarded as the best trainer in the world), Tyler Muto (the “professor”), Chad Mackin (pressure/release guy), Jay Jack (rehabs the nastiest bully breeds using game play), Aimee Sadler (expert in dog socialisation of shelter dogs).

      The world of dog training is thriving at the moment, with new ideas and methods being tried out with great success (look up Aimee Sadler – she’s one amazing woman helping thousands of dogs in a big way). If you’re OBSESSED with dogs and training them and always willing to learn and improve, it’s a great career.

  3. Legends say if you are early, zak George replys Your comment himself

    Are legends true?

  4. I have a mixed breed and although he isnt very into training, your tips are great to get my dog to do what is told. When i will be older, i will get a dog (if not two 🙂 ) and train it using your tips. Thank you

  5. Pepper had so much fun filming with y’all! Now, she’ll do a stand with just a hand gesture from me, and will even lie down without a lure. Love you guys! 🙂 For anyone that’s curious, we recently found out Pepper is a Chihuahua/Dachshund/Poodle mix, haha.

    1. @tesla nick – We used Embark! My first time using them, and a good experience…they’re a little pricey but in addition to breed details, they also provide health and genotype/phenotype information!

  6. Pepper is so cute!
    She looks like a short haired version of my dog (Yorkie, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua mix)

  7. I am getting a puppy soon and when I found this channel I immediately knew I was in the right place for information thx Zak

  8. I really love your background music to this videos. Great work!
    She is such a lovely dog *-*

  9. I feel so much better about how long it took my maltese mix to learn down now. He had no idea what I wanted from him for 2 weeks.

  10. That’s exactly why I hate when people say that chihuahuas are agressive. They’re not agressive by nature, it’s just because their owners don’t raise them as dogs, they have a feeling they need to protect these small creatures and they tolerate a lot of thing these small dogs do. Being an overprotective and very benevolent owner is never good, even small dogs deserve to have a fulfilling dog life. I like the way you’re raising awarness about such things (training small dogs, that is).

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