The Best Pee Pads & 7 Reasons You’re Having Trouble Housetraining Your Dog

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Housetraining your pet dog: Just how to avoid typical blunders. Go right here to obtain your WizSmart Pads:

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27 Replies to “The Best Pee Pads & 7 Reasons You’re Having Trouble Housetraining Your Dog”

    1. That’s cool I’m getting a German shepherd in May for my birthday lol. Have u thought on a name for ur springer spaniel my Granda used to have lots and still does. Patch and Skip r some he named his if that helps

    2. +Defaulty Recruit Oh cool! I jusy got a german shepherd puppy yesterday. Warning: they *never* stop playingπŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    3. @Jamie Halley Haha that’s good I feel happy for u man thanks for the warning I have a very good friend who breeds them in America and I already know lol

  1. Notification squad!! Also I love these puppy pad videos — very informative πŸ™‚

  2. Lol this was so funny. I think i will use these when i get my puppy. I love your videos. The pom in the vid is so cute!

  3. I love watchimg your videos, even though I probably wont have a dog until 20 years later lol

  4. Pee pads are not so needed as people Think. Have it for “accidents” and learn your dog to pee outside. Using pads in the slightest wrong way will prolong it all and you might teach your dog to pee inside. Just have Good routines. Don’t give your puppy water after 8pm for example, expect to lose sleep and go outside during the night. Learn when your puppy needs to go. After they played, after they been drinking/eating, after a nap, etc etc!

  5. These are not the only absorbent training pads that stick to the floor. Essentials training pads also have these features as well as being anti bacterial

  6. My pup would tear a puppy pad to pieces πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but thank you for the video!

  7. My puppy taught himself to use cat’s litter box. Guess he had been watching the cats. I was shocked when I saw him in the litter box.

  8. My chihuahua puppy goes outside though he has a pee pad in his crate he seldoms uses it…. Ive been following Zaks training and been having great success ~!!’

  9. Hey Zack! My three month old puppy always sits during walks. How can I get him to keep walking?

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