How to Train a Puppy NOT to BITE

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Video: Just how to teach your pet dog to leave something alone

65 Replies to “How to Train a Puppy NOT to BITE”

  1. One tip my vet gave me and it worked well. When you do get bit by your pup is to yelp in high pitch, and turn your attention away from him for 30 seconds. In time he will get the hint, you have to be patient. It took about a month for me and my dog to understand each other.

  2. My dog chooses not to bite the toy and bite me instead. i put the toy on his mouth or hold it and she bites my limbs 🙁 growls when she cant bite me too

    1. i think if your dog chooses to not bite the toy my only guess is it doesnt like the toy you might need a better toy or something that the dog loves

    2. Ashley Nicole ever heard of disciplining slap or hit your dog when mis-behaving or get a crate lock her gate to heal

  3. So yea there’s this cute “play biting” and then there is psycho dog biting that he doesn’t really address.  My dog gets all worked up and starts doing laps around the house.  If you go to engage her she lunges at your hands/face/neck.  Yes she’s playing and is probably over stimulated, but it’s very aggressive/dangerous.  How do you deal with this?????

  4. Zak: those first 3 or 5 weeks are really about establishing communication

    Me: we got our STRAY dog and she’s 6 months old so I’m screwed

  5. I might get a puppy later on so i am watching these videos so I can train my puppy better

  6. You need to make these videos shorter and more organized. I watched the whole video and I have no idea where explained how not to bite.

    1. You’re absolutely right Olav and the other commenters are plants. He skirts around the explanation by stating that you use treats to change the focus or stop making the toy interesting. Very basic explanations, all aimed at getting you to buy the product and merch. Nothing that was said in this video hasn’t been said a thousand times before by other trainers. Nothing new here.

    2. +El Criticon no, what he is doing is teaching your dog what they can and can not bite and how to leave things alone on command. If both skill are mastered your dog will never bite someone without your command to do so.

    3. +El Criticon Well there’s no miracle solution if that’s what you are looking for.

  7. It took a while for my Czech working line german shepherd to stop biting. I tried everything and he was a pretty nasty nipper and I thought I had trouble on my hands for a while. The ONLY thing that worked was putting up a baby gate and every single time he nipped I picked him up and put him on the other side for a minute, ignored him, put him back in with me…nipped me again…same process. Eventually he realised “biting = separated from my owner” and he hated it and stopped, he still mouths a bit but the biting is not as intense or aggressive. I would train him like this for about an hour everyday until he was exhausted and it is that effort that has made it stop, also making sure that my family members were not teasing or encouraging the biting with wrestling games. Everyone has to pitch in with training and there will be light at the end of the needle-teeth filled tunnel!

  8. “It’s not up to your child to teach them it’s you as an adult” Me: ….. I’ve been lied to … I’m a child … 😐😐😐

  9. My little Pomeranian will bite me and it freaking kills…thats all he will do… all day….just bite me

    1. I have a Pomeranian to but idk if he’s playing or not but by biting him and jumping with this mean/cute face with me

    2. Same here, my sister got a Pom as a gift from a friend of hers. I’m the primary caregiver, LOL! The dog is calm and quiet when he’s with me. But when my sister gets home from work, the Pom turns into a psycho! He jumps up and bites and scratches us.

  10. Never give your dog the ‘leave it’ treat. You want them to know that ‘leave it’ means leave it alone forever. Say a pill falls on the floor, you want them to know that ‘leave it’ means leave it alone forever; it’s not for them. We don’t want them thinking that it’s only for a short period of time and they can have it after OR anytime. Try using a treat/items that they will never be able to have such as socks, underwear, papers.

  11. He is a New Zealand Huntaway, he is a cattle herding dog that farmers use. They are hyperactive and require a lot of exercise

  12. Thank you for your vids
    I’m thinking of getting a newfoundland as a first dog as they seem to have my personality and I have everything they need, I’m trying to do as much research as possible and you have helped so much

  13. I just got a second corgi. My older one never ever hit even as a puppy. This new puppy though….damn

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