How to Train a Dog Who’s Not Interested in Training

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28 Replies to “How to Train a Dog Who’s Not Interested in Training”

  1. This video is exactly what I needed

    My dog either doesn’t care or grabs all the treats out of my hand 😂

  2. My dogs super lazy and isn’t interested in food. I think this should help a lot! Thanks Zak!

  3. Great video!! @zakgeorge. I’ve been training my two year old rescue dog for 3 months and she’s learned a lot! I started fetch training 1 month ago and she is still not very interested… would you do a renewed fetch video for dogs that are not as interested in the game?

  4. Yay for retired racers! I’ve got one too. He doesn’t know how to do anything but I love him!

    1. I’ve done this at an animal shelter with many many different dogs. If it is a familiar/boring environment and you stay calm (and boring), it usually takes 1-2 minutes to get the first sit or down. Usually the dog will choose down if sit is uncomfortable. I have never had it take more than 5 minutes to get the first one. I’ve done it with a class full of dogs and they all were starting to get it by about 15 minutes. And you don’t have to spend any time fading the lure, so it really doesn’t end up taking much more time than the lure method. Capturing is great for shelter dogs because you can do it without any physical contact, so even if there are concerns about aggression, escape artists, or transfer of disease, you can train without any added risk.

  5. Perfect video Zak!!! ❤️ Can you please do how to teach your dog to walk forward you and not behind her? Because my french bulldog Coco is lazy? I guess… and instead of she pulls me, I’m pulling her… everytime

  6. Hi Zak: can you do a video about Dogs that are anxious in public places? Like the pet store? My 9 month old
    Goldendoodle gets extremely anxious and nervous when outside the house, even though he was really well socialized as a puppy. We are trying to work through it, but it is difficult to know what we are doing right or wrong. Can you please make a video about anxious dogs and how to make it easier for them?

  7. Amazing video! ALSO, I was randomly watching Animal Planet and I saw YOU!! It said “Zak George” and I started flipping out! <3

  8. I’d also like to see some update videos! Like for example in a few months has Rudy learned this and more or is it still a struggle

  9. Why aren’t greyhounds supposed to sit down? 🙂 I have a dog that is so eager to do stuff for me that it’s hard to calm him down sometimes. This dog is so cute, though:)

    1. Because of greyhounds bone structure, it is really awkward for them to sit. They’re not like other breeds where sitting is comfortable. 🙂

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