How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over and “Play Dead” FAST!

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Every pet needs to recognize exactly how to "play dead" and also roll over! In this video I'll offer your one of the most comprehensive lesson I ever before have on this subject! Methods are an AMAZING method to construct interaction and also speed up development in general training! These 2 are normally rather easy to show.

Videos I reference in this video clip:
How to clicker train your dog:
How to teach the excellent fetch:
Exactly how to educate the "Leave it/Look at me" combination:

88 Replies to “How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over and “Play Dead” FAST!”

  1. Great Video!!! This was to be the next trick on my puppy’s bucket list! LOL! It’s always a good reminder to show patience, love and connection with your puppy or dog. Thanks, Zak. Jacob is stunningly handsome

    1. +Joy Victory Hello there! Have you heard about – sodandar awesome dog training (Have a quick look on Google cant remember the place now)? I’ve heard some super things about it and my brother in laws wife got a video course that they give-away with it.

  2. How can I get my doggo to concentrate when I’m about to train her with treats. She just does all the tricks she knows one after the other hoping she might get it right lol

    1. Johnny Baillie sometimes when i pull out the treats she does that too. but you don’t fiber them the treat until you say it & they do it. then they’ll catch on.

    2. Johnny Baillie same. Whenever I try to teach a new trick to my dog he just sits and keeps giving me his paw like if a cat is scratching you.

  3. DUDE!! you can play it off all you want but we all her those teeth go “snap”! He was going AFTER you!

  4. Awesome!
    But if I try to feed my Rottweiler like that, he’ll bite my fingers off. Are there any tricks to cure that?

    1. Arun Elam Milkbones work well get the large ones they help with dog teeth and are good for training I did these trick with them and my dog got how to do it in just 5 mins!

    1. interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out puppy training tricks try Grathaw Canine Teaching Expert (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.

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  5. that’s how i trained my dog how to roll over. whenever we play fetch, i ask her to do a trick before i throw the ball, so she practiced it a lot, and now anytime she wants anything she throws herself into a roll. sometimes if it doesn’t work, she just keeps rolling. she met a dog the other day, wanted to play with her, so she started rolling around. so ridiculous.

    thanks for video! i’m gonna work with her on play dead today 🙂

  6. I taught my dog to play dead by teaching him roll over then using his stay command while rolled over then once he learnt that I interchanged it for play dead. he is perfect at it now. Because my family got the dog off my younger step brothers family because of housing issues my younger brother, had no training at all no sit no stay nothing but he was at least 2 and a half years old it was hard but now he can high five, shake sit, stay, heel, come, eye contact, fetch, hug, roll over and play dead whose say you can’t teach a old dog new tricks he is now about 3 and a half.

    1. I had to rewind that a few times and that is definitely not ok. He would of got his face if he wouldn’t have grabbed him.

  7. Awesome tutorial, it’s how I taught my puppy to play dead! I would really recommend this tutorial to anyone who is looking to train their dog these commands!

    1. zak your the best and the tricks that you have shown everybody are great and help me with my 4 dogs

    2. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution can u please help me when I throw a ball my dog gets it but does not give the ball to me pls help me

    1. You need to move your hand further away from their head. And if they are not reaching for the treat then it’s not a good enough smelly enough treat. Make sure when you lead them around it’s more by their mid ribcage to force them over. I have a girl that has more of the slim oval ribcage so it’s not SO easy for her. I had to do what I’m telling you.

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