How to Teach your Dog to Bring You Things

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Just how to educate your canine to bring you points! This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Obtain a complimentary BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month membership at

Have you ever before asked yourself how to show your pet dog to get something? It can be very practical, plus it's a wonderful method to develop as well as fine-tune interaction between you and also your canine!

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59 Replies to “How to Teach your Dog to Bring You Things”

    1. Leah Bergfield
      I would suggest (assuming the dog already walks nicely on a leash when someone is walking next to them) a very positive introduction to the bike or wheelchair first, then in an area they are familiar with and with low distractions. I would start off with just a few steps at a time and rewarding and if they get in front of you use your treats to lure them back into position if they continue to pull out in front try having them look at you while moving slowly. Over the course of a few weeks you would then practice adding duration of the good walking behavior in-between rewards. Before you know it, they will be walking in the position you want them to happily. Hope this helps!

    2. Thankyou. My dog won’t take treats outside, we can always practice inside. I have accidentally run over him a coupletimes on accident indoors especially when i move backwards and don’t realise he is close.

    3. Leah Bergfield check your currency and consider upgrading to something more tempting if your dog doesn’t want to eat outside. You have to use a really tempting treat to overcome obstacles like that sometimes 🙂

    4. Elizabeth Roads my dog wholdnt eather at first. Find a place that she can get used to outside (a yard, or u can chain her to a tree any where without too meny distractions) take her too it at least once a day and do no training there for at least a week maybe longer untell she can just chill there (isn’t all ways sniffing around or chasing things) then start training simple things there untell she gets really good at them then slowly go farther from the area and closer to distractions. This may take awhile but if consistent it should work

  1. Zak you are the best I even liked the video without even seeing that. And please everyone like the comment i too wanna a dog if the likes get high maybe my dad will get me one. So please 😶👍

  2. Btw this video is awesome. I love your emphasis on small steps and patience. I think that is the biggest obstacle new trainers face is realizing how much time and patience is required.

    1. If you don’t mind my asking, how did he help? Did you just watch all of his videos a lot and use the techniques? How long did it take you?

    2. Just Gina Yeah i watched all of his videos, (along with videos training how to alert to panic attacks). My dog is still ‘in training’ but is able to pass a public access test if we took one.

  3. I love your videos, and believe all of your methods are AMAZING! But my mom believes Ceaser Milan’s methods are the only ones that work. Any tips for training our puppy without arguments? Thanks Zak!

    1. I regret using CM’s methods on my dog of 7 years in the past. I now have a puppy and my other dog is very aggressive towards her and myself and he is in turn making my puppy aggressive towards him. I hope with Zak’s methods I can make this all work.

    2. I respect both Zak and Cesar Millan but I do side more with Cesar because in Mexico dogs and animals are not supposed to be on the same level as humans they are working animals, Cesar also rehabilitates dogs which is not necessarily the same as training dogs, he trains people. Most all of the dogs featured on Caesar Millan’s show have issues because of their owners behavior. He is not aggressive and his method isn’t abusive? He grew up on a farm and has worked with animals his whole life just because it’s a different approach does not mean it’s wrong. I think the real truth is he’s Mexican and I’ve seen it happen over the years as a latino myself people never understand why we do what we do but if you look at it in the end what we do works for our lifestyle. In Mexico dogs are absolutely not allowed in the house here in the U.S. And parts of the world we keep them kenneled up in crates for 7 and 8 hours a day, we let them run the whole house and humanize them and leave their food down all the time and wonder why they have phycological issues when we are obsessive and jittery. Zak has done good and I think he’s an amazing trainer at the end of the day it comes down to the owner and the well being of the dog and if we are all facing facts here most of us have dogs but not all of us love them. Caesar Millan is not to be discredited dominance is needed to establish order. If you do not have a leader you wander blindly if there are no rules boundaries or limitations it becomes a safety issue for those around you. A dog needs some form of structure and guidance. You can use whatever training method you’d like but don’t bash Caesar Millan he works everyday providing homes for shelter animals of all species. He helps the fight against discriminating pit bulls and Bulldogs, he’s created the D.P.C. Helping animals that have been abused or mistreated. He’s a peaceful and wonderful man and I strongly believe he does what he does with good intentions.

    3. Ceaser’s methods work as well as Zak’s it really depends on what you’re trying to work on. if you have a well balanced dog that just needs training then positive re enforcement works well but if you have a dog that has issues then Ceaser;s training works. I apply both methods in my training classes. and structure a training session to the unique personality of the dog. My preferred method is positive re enforcement

  4. Do you ever think really well trained dogs walking down a street and see another dog thats not trained. And thinks man what an animal

    1. Maybe I bet they think they so fancy shmancy when the other dog is just trying to be the dog it’s trained to be

    2. I always had the impression that my dog used to think that. He was a Shikoku Ken, and most Japanese dogs have a different attitude compared to most common dogs. Sometimes it seems like they think they are better than the others 😂
      I remember that dogs would bark at him for “no reason”, and their owners would always be like “shh, why can’t you be like that dog? (Referring to my dog)”. Little did they know about dog’s body language and each, little signals they send to each other. It was my dog provoking them all along, sometimes he would stare at them too much, or slightly raise his head as a sign of superiority, or stick his chest out. He was like a royal prince 😂
      And then, once he provoked them and made them bark and angry, he would just chill quietly and snob them like “ugh, peasants”.

  5. Could you do a video on teaching commands by using hand signals. I want to be able to communicate without having to yell across the room or in a crowd.

    1. Ambi Cahira explained it very well. And they also say a very important reason. Its very important to have communication even if they are deaf.

  6. I love this kind of advance videos because it shows you what your puppy can do one day and best of all how you can they her without pain and really make her think 🙂 thank Zak, Bree and your team for making these videos free and super informative. You guys are awesome 😁👍

  7. Dear Zak, love your clips. I have a dog that makes happy pees. He is 2 years old and each time when someone visits he gets so excited that he pees. Over the person on the floor. Could you make a video how to train to stop this? Or do you have some tricks?
    Thank you!

  8. At 5:30 “Piper piper piper!” 😂 his voice got all high pitched and it was funny😂

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