How to Teach ANY DOG to LET GO of a TOY During Fetch!

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I ask almost every pupil with an energised canine,"Does your pet dog play bring well?" Among one of the most usual solutions I obtain is, "Yes, other than he will not release." So for canine enthusiasts all over, I am mosting likely to show you how to teach your pet dog to let go of a toy in a solitary training session! Is your dog efficient letting go of a toy? Does your pet even like toys? Inform me listed below!

22 Replies to “How to Teach ANY DOG to LET GO of a TOY During Fetch!”

  1. Great advice Zak! Thanks! I also have this issue with my golden doodle Piper! I’ve used your advice and also started to use the clicker when she finally lets go. That has sped things up a bit and she’s now letting go of the ball quicker:).

  2. Thank you Zak I showed these to my perants and they said: if you do what are in his vids you can get A dog and now I have one thank you

  3. I did this and i was very patient and after two throws my dog understood letting go of the toy means he gets to play more. Thanks Zak!

  4. Thanks for the info, I have a 11 month golden retriever named Comet and she NEVER wants to let go of the ball!!!!

  5. This guy rocks! I got a blk/rst doberman last month at 12 weeks. I’ve been watching these video’s and they have helped BIGTIME. Hence, why I’m back. I love his fun approach as apposed to the whole, be hardcore and show them your the alpha. His methods WORK. Thanks!

  6. I don’t even have to ask my dog she drop’s it right next to me without me saying anything.

  7. I have trained many hunting dogs.  I now have a 4 month old Border Collie and want to make her a frisbee dog.  Sheera loves frisbee and chases rollers and does come around and many other things already. But making her “let go” was the easiest thing to teach using Zak’s method.  3 times is all it took.  Now, when she retrieves anything, I can tell her to “let go” and she will immediately “let go”.  This method is by far better than anything else I have used.  Great job and thanks!!!

  8. I actually have the opposite issue. They like to drop whenever (sometimes half way before getting to me). How can I teach them to hold? I left a more detailed message in the other video. Thanks!

  9. Because you are so cool you are the best dog trainer and where more of your videos right now okay thank you your so cute love you

  10. thanks so much for this video! It really helped me remember a lot about this kind of hyper dog. it’s helping me turn my obsessive / hyper dog to become a better pet. Keep It Coming thanks

  11. What I do when my chocolate lab doesn’t let go is a gently cup my hands around the ball, not applying and pressure, and he lets go and I throw the ball again! Really recommend this trick! And I love your vids

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