How to Teach ANY DOG “Drop it” / “Let Go” in Minutes!

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39 Replies to “How to Teach ANY DOG “Drop it” / “Let Go” in Minutes!”

  1. My corgis love to play with the rope. If I wont play they will play with each other. thanks Zak

  2. Hi Zak, you do videos all the time on hyper dogs, or better described with boundless energy. Could you possibly work with some more laid back dogs, perhaps how to encourage activities such as fetch or tug-of-war, to keep the more mellow dogs active and engaged. Please and thank you!

    1. +TheDogGuy Yes of course, if you consider ‘alert’ and ‘higher energy’ similar enough to exchange, you could say that about when we go to the park. But instead of her focus on me she is watching for squirrels. Once I have her attention again she is mellow and walks just fine on or off leash, but again shows little interest in tug or fetch.

      +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution What would you prescribe for lower energy dogs? Its not like I can not get her to do it at all, but its more of a half hearted thing. Is there anything I can do to get her more excited, or are there other games you would suggest I try?

    2. +K Towle Oh perfect. So usually picking up YOUR energy will encourage an “on the fence” dog to get more excited about the game. Make it fun. Getting the spark is the hardest part sometimes, but you’ve got that, so keep the fire going by remaining enthused and excited when she plays. Let me know how it goes here. Thanks!


    3. +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution You make it sound so easy! I have been doing my best to be goofy enthusiastic etc while playing with her to keep her engaged, but it is not enough for her when we are outside even in the backyard. She will wander off to sniff the grass over playing with me. Usually it goes something like this. We head for the door, she is super excited as she loves being outside, to the yard, first few throws or tugs she is revved up. With no apparent pattern, that I can see, she will give up playing with me regardless of my encouragement and enthusiasm. Sometimes this will be after two throws, five throws or even twenty, just depending all on what she feels. I have tried to stop before I get her to worn out on the game, but it is very difficult to judge if she is not consistent. Any words of advice or encouragement would be wonderful!

    4. +K Towle look UP “teaching force fetch” i wouldn’t recommend it, but that’s what breeders do with “retrievers”. Its cruel but it works i guess….

    5. +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution Iv’e asked for a video on this as well. Im an expert now on hyper dogs but id love some videos on how to encourage lazy dogs like my own. 

  3. Oh, hello kitty! I never knew you had a cat, Zak. I thought you were a dog-only person XD

    1. lol your puppy is 15 weeks old. Welcome to having a puppy. Puppies bite, puppies chew, puppies pee and poo every where and do not sleep through the night. Puppies are a huge commitment and often NOT good for first time dog owners (Presuming you are if you have this problem).

      A large percent of dogs that end up in kill shelters are dogs surrendered by their owner bc their puppy that is now a year or two is “bad” or doesn’t “listen” and they don’t want it anymore… Bc its the dogs fault… right?

  4. This method is awesome. Although I’ve known about it elsewhere I was able to teach my dog to drop it in about 20 minutes. In one day and it stuck.

  5. Listen I’m a capitalist and a realist. I understand Zak is running a buisness and I respect that 100%. My problem is he had 3 or 4 commercial plugs for products and services in the first two minutes of his video. Can’t you run your plugs in the beginning or the end? Maybe there’s a more aesthetically favorable way of presenting the information so we don’t feel like we’re watching a petflow commercial? Again, I understand your running a buisness.

    1. You’re watching a free video online, getting free advice from a trainer that normally would cost money. Deal with it.

    2. +Mikhail Mikhail I have no problem with putting these plugs in, it’s just the fact that they’re so long for the average length of his videos.

    3. +Mikhail Mikhail Agreed. The commercial plugs were a little too much for me. Starting with a line of thought, carrying it into an advertisement, and then continuing is disorienting and can be difficult to follow.

    4. Totally. I get they need to make money. Heck, I want them to! I just think that the information was too broken up. I hope he gets better at this over time. 🙂

    5. To be honest as long as his methods are legit and effective he can adveetise all he wants, I just want my pup to grow up to be a good girl

  6. Hi, I have lab mix named Alex and he knows almost every trick you shown. I just wanna say thank you for filming the tricks and keep filming!! 🙂

  7. I make my own dog food so I can’t take advantage of food shipment from PetFlow, but I will share this experience. My 16 week old goldendoodle, Rosey Posey, is losing her puppy coat so I ordered an assortment of combs and brushes from PetFlow. One of them was a device called a Furminator. I paid something like $14 for it, I think. Imagine my shock, horror, surprise and, yes, delight, when I saw the exact same item at Petco for $53!!!!! So even though I forgot to put in the ZakGeorge15 code I still got quite a deal and will certainly continue to order from PetFlow!

    1. Teri Looney the fruminator Is amazing for my 3 year old golden retriever and I unfortunately paid that 53 dollars at PetSmart. Now the only reason I go to PetSmart is to go the Banfield and I order any toys or supplies online

  8. omg you do recommend them enough, every video. id like to discourage you from advertising for 30 seconds to one minute talking about petflow in every single video SMH

  9. Help! My puppy just lunges and keeps biting all over the toy, bites my hand too, so I let go. He gets too worked up. He’s a three months old lab. I thought him sit, stand, down and shake by watching your videos. But I can’t teach him to ‘let go’.
    EDIT : I tried again and he learnt it. Thanks Zac

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