How to STOP Your Dog From Running Out of the Front Door! Stay while Distracted

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In this new episode of the Pet Training rEvolution Logan and also his sweetheart Beverly requested some aid with their pet dog, Mona Lisa. She has hazardous behavior of lacking the front door when it's open. Mona Lisa as well as I were put to the test when pet cats, pet dogs and pedestrians attempted to derail our training session. This is truthfully a life conserving ability that EVERY dog requires to recognize. Please make the effort to watch this video clip to make certain that you know just how to instruct your canine to remain when the door is open. There is nothing more important than keeping your dog out of harm's means.

Video clips I reference in this video clip:
Exactly how to instruct your dog to leave something alone:
How to educate your canine to check out you:
How to instruct a fundamental "Come" and also "Remain":.

How to educate your dog the fundamentals in order [Playlist]

40 Replies to “How to STOP Your Dog From Running Out of the Front Door! Stay while Distracted”

  1. Ive only been watching you for a few weeks.. (i dont even have my puppy yet..soon!) But you’ve taught me so much!! You’re awesome and thank you heaps for everything!! 🙂

  2. Your videos are very inspirational I am getting a german shepherd this summer so I am reading loads of facts and tips and watching many of your training videos🐾

  3. My biggest problem is that she won’t answer the call to come after I tell her to stay.  She just looks at me from the corner of her eye and won’t budge an inch.  I have to go to her and physically touch her before she will break stance, and even then she doesn’t want to move without a treat.  Possibly a case of over-rewarding?… or is she insidiously intelligent and just playing me? >.< *Een socialist Amerikah dog train you!*

  4. Could you do a video on introducing your dog to a cat. I am getting a puppy soon and I don’t know how my cat is going to react

  5. Hey Zak! I don’t know if you remember me but we are finally getting a dog. We are getting a three month old lab mix puppy this sunday. What do i train it to do first? Do I teach it sit, stay? I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO START. Please help me! People please like this comment up so that my question can be answered!

    1. alisse bobber hey! I have a hound mix puppy but we got her from the shelter so we don’t know what her mix is. But she can do all of those cool tricks already!

  6. I’m a dog trainer and love refreshing my skills by watching your videos. This video offers all the steps needed to train a dog not to run out the front door. Thank you!

  7. I’m not dissing Zak or anything I love him and he helped me train my golden retriever but I always find it amusing when the camera angle changes it looks like he’s talking to thin air 😂

  8. The last time my dog ran away he was missing for a year a women found him very frightened under a car he was microchip but the guy said the chip was gone finally a year search was over I finally got what I was waiting for a big wet kiss from my best friend and a though of pure happiness ❤️🐶

  9. I have trained many dogs…had some EXPENSIVE training (for me) but puppies? We just got 2 puppies, males and they were only 5 weeks old. They are now 7 weeks old. My goodness how easy to train at this age! You don’t have to un-train first! The crate is probably the best tool other than toys and their harness/leash. Crossing a threshold is easy to address starting with ‘stay back’ drawing the line at their crate door. No bolting. We get the leash connected and back up and they wait so well until I say ‘come’…this is being translated to the front door! Truly how much fun to ‘train’ a puppy!! I gotta relax and stay with basics and not get too excited. We’ve got ‘stay back, sit, look at me and come’…no way is this hard wired yet but what fun!!

    My question is how do you transition from treats to asking and praise? Treats, THEY KNOW when you don’t have treats and I don’t ever trick them. But if I don’t have treats and believe me I hide the fact when I do have treats. They are so treat oriented and I don’t want them thinking food is the only ‘reward’…I do not use clickers, ugh. Enough to think about without adding more confusion (mostly for me)! Love your stuff, Zak!

  10. I wish therr was some on like u to help train my young German Shepherd or anyones dog like if you agree

  11. I named my dog after Thisbe from “Pyramus and Thisbe” (the short play in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”) ’cause she always find ways to get through the fence.

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