How To Stop Food Aggression & Resource Guarding + Stop Biting When Giving Treats

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30 Replies to “How To Stop Food Aggression & Resource Guarding + Stop Biting When Giving Treats”

  1. Athena is a beauty and as long as the time goes in to her training, she’ll be amazing!!! Valentine, a gsd, is 9 and can still be rough with treats but I do what you do, lick means yes teeth means no. Unfortunately my husband isn’t quite as good at this, I find it funny because I’ve told him what to do so it’s his own fault for being impatient! πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  2. I have the same problem, but much worse. When my dog grab something that he was no suposed to be chewing and I try to even get close to him, he starts to growl, bark at me and try to bite. I’ll try this with Fenrir, might help a lot

    1. Change the environment…then slowly train it.

      Don’t try to train it when it is actually guarding it’s resources. Change the environment, then train with things that are not so important for it to guard….and slowly come to things that it is highly protective of.

    2. +Manav Singh That’s another problem, I kinda had condiotioned him to guard his resourses even on walks. Since we started to go on walks I have alway taken things from his mouth and throat, like rotten food people toss on the grass. But I’ll try to do this slowly and in every enviroment possible hahah

    3. +Hugo Leonardo haha…yeah do it slowly..
      If you are not comfortable, hire a dog trainer. The one who is like Zak, don’t hire someone who will use shock collars, etc.

  3. My dog and I have developed a real bond over training and playing together. We love your video’s. Thank you 😊

  4. Can you try using a genuinely aggressive dog instead of a puppy who has zero food aggression please…..?

    1. no, that’s his whole deal. He uses dogs that are extremely easy. There is one with somewhat difficult dog, still mild, but harder than the rest and in a muzzle. He walks opposite direction of the single dog they encounter for a self proclaimed 1/2 mile away. He literally says it took him 1/2 mile of walking away with boiled chicken and states “this is normal.” 1/2 mile!

  5. Hi Zak,
    I’m not super into training using a lot of treats, I believe that you should only use treats to motivate the dog at the beginning of the training session then take them away. I found that if you just use treats to reward they will only do the trick or command when you have a treat. I would love to see a training series praising the dog and rewarding it by only petting the dog and giving it lots of attention rather than using the treat all the time. I love you videos and I like positive reinforcement but don’t agree with the whole treat reward thing. Thank you!

    1. He has said in other videos that you don’t have to use treats! Its about the ‘reward’ some dogs are not food motivated but rather use toys, this is also where the clicker comes in handy because you ween away the treats or ‘reward’ and use the clicker as a marker then slowly you ween away the clicker, it takes time and trust but i find when training my dogs that they haven’t truly gained the listen to me not the treat in training, i usually make it look like i don’t have a treat and when they get it give them praise instead! Though It would be great to see a trainer doing this!

    2. It depends on the dog but I had a pitbull that was super smart and all I did was train him with a clicker and treats. The person in the video never said you have to keep giving him treats. My dog took only 2 months to do all the tricks I tought him without treats.

  6. Hi Zac,
    May you please do more videos on barking when alone and/or separation anxiety especially in a studio apartment? My dog knows basic obedience commands such as sit, down, paw, play dead, roll over, leave it, and loose/off leash. She continuously yelps and barks when alone. Doesn’t matter who is there as long as she accompanied by someone. Thank you.

  7. Thanks, Zak! I’m a student trainer otw to getting my certification. The goal is to help shelter dogs when I’m done. This one is helpful as I notice that shelter dogs can get pretty serious about guarding their food/ toys!

  8. This may be a very dumb question but if I save the bones from baby back ribs in the freezer would that be bad for a pitbull mix.

  9. I adopted a 1yr old german shepard and he has really bad separation anxiety, and constantly chewing on bones that I get him and my other dog. I’ve tried several things and he and my other dog argue over bones which make it difficult to leave them home alone together out of a kennel what should I do?

  10. My 4 months dog keep peeping or πŸ’© in my apartment I need really help to make him stop so me and my parents can let him out of the cage

  11. Do you have any videos to help with an overprotective dog? I’ve been with my partner for 11 years but when he went to work abroad for 6 months a got a staffy cross for company. The problem is he barks non stop at my partner, acts terrified of him and won’t let anybody approach me or touch me. I just want them to be friends!

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