How to STOP “Food Aggression”/ Resource Guarding in Dogs- WITHOUT FORCE

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51 Replies to “How to STOP “Food Aggression”/ Resource Guarding in Dogs- WITHOUT FORCE”

    1. James Taylor you need a behavioralist. I can’t really help you without seeing it. I’m working with a dog right now who resource guards her humans you need to manage your dogs behavior because what’s likely happen is fear behavior. ( Can’t say 100% without seeing it) you have yo counter condition the dog to the stimulus.

    2. James Taylor you don’t want to distract her you want to reward her for positive behaviors. It’s replacing her negative action with a positive one.

    3. I realise people will shout at me, but you need to correct your dog for guarding you. You need to protect your dog, not the other way around so you need to stop him from guarding you and show him you guard you (and him). You decide if an incoming human/dog/whatever is a threat or not, not your dog. He’ll be a lot happier for it.

    1. MUCH harder to do and not possible using this method without professional help setting up the drills. Simply remove all valuable items from the environment when multiple dogs are present until you get some help and training done. Get professional help.

    2. I still can’t figure that one out… Lol feed them separate and I put toys in their crates, and they leave them in there when they’re out around the house is all I can do… Doggy proofing the house has helped they still once in a while attack each other over god knows what? Then everyone gets a time out sadly its probably cuz they’re both boys

    3. My dog has started to hate when he’s one on one playing with a dog and a 3rd dog enters to try to play. He guards the dog he was originally playing with getting very offensive.

    4. This is easier with a well behaved dog and one problem dog. I accomplished this by using a toy my puppy (problem dog) was guarding from my brother’s dog (well behaved). I would use treats as Zak does to get the toy from my pup. Then I would give it to my brothers dog. I kept my pup on leash to control him and had lots of treats to give him when my brothers dog had the toy. Then I had my brother dog drop it and gave the toy back to my pup. And just repeat many times for a few days. Take, treat, give to other dog, treat, give back to my pup, repeat. Having a good sit and stay is a good pre requisite and having both dogs on leash with two people is safest and highly recommended.

  1. One of my dogs considers me a resource and guards me against my younger dog. It’s never more than a snarl and I try to move away if I feel like it’s about to happen. Is that the best thing to do? I’m never sure if I’m judt encouraging it or not.

    1. Honestly it sounds like you’re trying to minimize or excuse your dog’s behavior and while i don’t think you are encouraging it you certainly also aren’t addressing the issue. Snipping is a sign of aggression and if you have to modify your behavior around your dog rather than the other way around he is the one running the show.

    2. I have the same problem but have no idea how to handle it. Kinda funny, but it’s the corgi that’s the most aggressive.

    3. You need to correct your dog for that. Seek a good professional for advice as it’ll only ever get worse if you keep allowing it to happen without addressing it. Just tell the dog to knock it off and follow through with a correction if needed.

    4. Ash my Gsd does that with me with people, very few strangers get near me. If ppl are coming to work on the house I always muzzle her. In my eyes she’s amazing, I have a disability and it wasn’t until I got really bad that she started this behaviour. She did get tormented by the men and kids in my cul-de-sac when she was a pup which didn’t help and I told them to stop it but they were arseholes. I keep her safe the rest is up to people give her respect. I had another 2 shepherds and she used to fight with my other girl, Mira, over me, so we got a boy, Kashmir, and the fights stopped. Mira passed away at 13 from a stroke. Unfortunately we lost Kashmir 2 years ago to epilepsy and he was only 4 so that’s been tough as well. I know how stressful this can be, I’d definitely see a professional trust me you don’t want to see your dogs fighting because it’s horrible. It’s mostly saliva and a lot of noise but it’s still not a pleasant experience. Good luck hun, I’ve been there and it’s not easy xx

  2. YES! We’ve been working on this exact thing with my GSD/Belgian Malinois cross with a local trainer who uses positive methods like this. Funny thing is, she rarely guards food. More often it’s things like a piece of garbage she snatched out of the trash, a shoe, or her vomit when she occasionally gets sick. I’m a strong believer in positive reinforcement training as oppose to cruel shortcuts like prong or e-collars. Unlike those methods of force, positive reinforcement strengthens the bond of trust between dog and person.

    1. My GSD/Husky mix does the same and this training method doesnt work because she prefers the piece of garbage over any food. So the only thing that works with me is picking the dog up and talking to her like a small kid who has been slightly naughty.
      What is weird about my dog is that she only pretends to snap. Once she accidentally hit my husbands hand while snapping(he never pulled away) but she was so shocked herself that now she gives everything away to him willingly.

    2. Didn’t work with my German shepherd 🙁 she just bite me and took the treats I ended up having to start popping her cus sadly she thought she was the Alpha

  3. Pancake frightened me for a while there,but…Have no fear when Zak is near! Well done indeed! *thumbs up!*

  4. My dog drops her bone on my lap I think because I did this training with her when she was a puppy. She is very generous with her toys and bones as am I with treats and praise. It’s rewarding for both owner and dog when they respect you enough to bring you their most prized bone/toy/treat.

    1. That’s a vital quality known as trust. Your dog is showing you how deeply he trusts you.

  5. It was amazing how you got through to Pancake and stopped him from guarding his bone. He was pretty aggressive at the start of the video. I thought he would try to bite you. However, you successfully distracted Pancake and helped him. All dog owners should watch this video. It will help both the owners and their pets. Thank you for making and sharing this video on YouTube.

    1. It’s something else with small dogs. Even when my lab barks, I can’t take him seriously, but my tiny Spitz is a lot more terrifying when she bares her teeth when I try to brush her. 😂

  6. It’s so great Zak that you are actually working with dogs that have the issue you are addressing in the video rather than it just being theory!! Big thumbs up and you are helping me loads thank you!!

  7. I was wondering: if he actually manages to bite you how do you react best to that?

    1. +New Phone Yeah, try to do that with my German Shepherd mix who has been for sure abused and beaten when he was a puppy, I’d like to see how good it goes when you find yourself covered in your blood because you tried just to lift a hand on him in an aggressive manner. The more aggressive the dog is the calmer you must be to achieve a good result. Aggression against aggression just makes things worse quicker and in a very very bad way. I talk from real life experience here. I got bitten several times by my dog, he got me terrified at first, but I knew it wasn’t his fault and I noticed that if I or someone else tried to yell at him to stop him when he was aggressive he would get more anxious and he was more likely to go off and bite so I tried the other way: standing still while he was growling at me, talking to him in a very low and calm voice and asked him to sit and chill before giving him a treat. He is now a sweet boy who always looks for cuddles and ways to get a treat out of everyone’s pockets. 😊 So dominance is for losers.

    2. +New Phone Yeah, I figured you would say this. You are not very smart, are you? Anyway, it’s not that easy to kill a dog who is biting your arm so hard you can’t move it anymore, but I guess you’d have a gun in your other hand to do the job. You seem that kind of guy. Smart people use words, ignorant people use guns. Hopefully no dog will have the bad luck to meet you. Bye tiny brain. Keep trolling and have fun, I mean real fun, it seems you might need it.

  8. Just came across your channel a few days ago and I’ve been watching everyday since. Your videos are extremely helpful thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

  9. My corgi is just as bad and she’s working on this technique. It’s terrifying at first but she is getting use to having to work for her rewards. It takes lots of time and practice, and patience.

  10. I used this video when I adopted my 9 week old Golden Retriever from a very reputable breeder in Michigan. He showed aggression at 9 weeks old! He is now 9 months old and he is totally chill with people taking his bones away. I didn’t have a social life for about 3 months but working on this every day after work with him was so worth it.

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