Everything you Need to be Prepared for your New Puppy!

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Everything you require to train your young puppy!
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Videos I reference in this episode
( Playlist) Exactly how to educate your pet dog the essentials in order

Just how to educate your Young puppy not to Attack:
Just How to Potty Train your Puppy:
Exactly how to Train your Pup to Walk on a Leash:

My advised items:
Midwest Life Stages Dual Door Dog Pet Crate:
Workout Pen:

Nylon chain:

Stainless-steel bowls:
Nylon Collar:

Training toys:
Fox Plaything:
Stuffed monkey:
Pull Rope toy:
Squeaky tennis ball:

All-natural eat playthings:

Various other chew toys:
Dino Pet Dog Toy:


Pet dog bed:
If your dog is unlikely to chew their bed up, then this is an excellent one!

75 Replies to “Everything you Need to be Prepared for your New Puppy!”

    1. omfg that husky is frightening yet seems friendly at the same time. my dog breed right there ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. “No, this isn’t a chew toy. We’re gonna talk about toys just no no…” I don’t know why but I couldn’t stop laughing XD

    1. jadamarine heard that. LOL.. A channel called Lilly in the valley has a video you would love

    1. The puppy is so cute.I have a puppy that is a husky that’s name is tazz.๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ•

    1. Laia L.K. I heard that. LOL. A channel called Lilly in the valley would be right up your alley

    2. I don’t have a dog and I know my mom won’t let me have one despite her saying multiple times we could have one I “did this” but then she finds an excuse or says she never said if I did “that thing” I would get one. I have given up trying years ago, but for some reason I still have hope sometimes. Foolish of me, because later she will later say no. Idc I still want to watch puppy videos xDD

    3. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ same with me I have a husky and the thumbnail tempted me

    1. Same but I have had dogs before and they never go well. That was before I saw these videos and hopefully if I one day get a dog I will know what to do as far as training it goes.

    2. That good, maybe future your mommy get u a puppy without letting u know, if u watch this video u will ready fast and make thing go ready fast! Hope u getting puppy

  2. didn’t decide to get a puppy, but got one anyway. Puppy needed a home after I rescued it from a mud filled ditch, his ribs showing. Well then, I didn’t want a puppy, but this puppy is gonna get the best damn life and home I can give him!

    1. ok I get the point of this comment but geez people who don’t feel dedicated to their pup shouldn’t get a dog xD

  3. IMO, if you have extra space include the number of your dogs emergency contact. That way if you don’t/can’t answer (for instance if your phone is dead after a full night of searching for your puppy), you have someone else who can. Also, if you live an apartment complex, or nowhere to keep the dog, consider asking a friend who has a fenced yard if you can put their address on the tag! That way if you aren’t home when they bring the dog back, they have somewhere to leave him. My dog and my pup both have their godmother’s number on their tag in addition to mine, and my parents address since I have no fenced yard. Just be sure to confirm with whoever’s information is on your dogs tag, that they are okay with it! That also insures that when someone calls them about finding a husky roaming around, they won’t tell the person they have the wrong number!

  4. i have been wanting a dog for 10 years. it was not possible since we lived in an apartment,and we did not have a yard. but when we moved to our first house with a backyard i was more insistent on getting a dog. 3 years later my husband surprised me with a great Pyrenees puppy. i admit i cried because i finally had my dog. well we have had him for a month now he is 3 monthes old. and he (koda) has changed me for the better. he is incredibly smart and a big clunky love bug. he is so big that i often forget just how young he still is. so when i get fustrated i stand back take a breathe and its all ok. because he is so young and an awesome pupster.

    1. Have you ever heard of super cooper Sunday? They gave a Great Pyrenees named Koda..

    2. Turtlecat Diy Iโ€™m 15 and I live in a apartment first floor so I have a big backyard and I hav been asking for a dog for 6 years ๐Ÿ™

    3. hang in there. They get really better after 2~3 years of age. It will make everything worth it.

    1. +Jasper Blep my parents reason is it will be painful to watch the dogs death.Honestly,I can’t counter that…

    2. +StuckIn Reality I am afraid it will be painful to watch a pet die yes however the joy and love said pet gives you when they are alive more tjen makes up for it, plus the added benifits of having a let whrn growing up can make you more responsable, mature quicker, learn to care for sometjing thats not yourself and teach important life skills and experiences which can also help develop your empathy, bonding and people skills, along with the health your companion can bring, dogs are able to boost your happy hormones, get you out and exersizing more and interactibg with people which can lead to life long friendships. So yes its gonna hurt when the dog inevitably dies but the benifits of owning one really out weigh the pain of loosing one, but again make sure yiur in a good place to keep your animal

    3. My parents say Iโ€™m obsessed with my phone, all I have to do is trade my phone for a puppy and that will convince. I hope.

    4. +Bianca Hamel A dog would make you more active and you should also suggest going to a shelter to give a dog in need a good home, it can often be more rewarding then buying a puppy but rescuing one, adopt dont shop and all that good stuff, however I would again ask to take the dog on a trial of maybe 2-5 months? To let the dog settle in and see if they work with your family, it will also allow you to show responsability by looking after the animal, well thats my opinion anyways, again this is mostly my opinion mot fact so dont take it as the gospil truth, were not in Hercules

    5. While everyone else is being so “You should be more prepared” and whatnot, I will give you REAL advice. I am in the same situation. I succeeded. Do your parents like them? If not, just try to push cute dogs at them until they sort of “awww” when they see a dog. If yes, good. Second step, if you need to push to these lengths, act like a dog until they get so annoyed they agree. Get good grades, be good and whatnot.

  5. I’m most likely getting a dog , we are looking at the prices for everything

    Edit one : I got a puppy! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Zillixi 3 still looking into the puppy purchase?? A channel called Lilly in the valley has the information you are looking for .

  6. when i watched this i dreamed to have a puppy,

    my dream came true!, i just got one last saturday

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