Doing THIS will eliminate over 90% of behavior problems in your dog.

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37 Replies to “Doing THIS will eliminate over 90% of behavior problems in your dog.”

  1. I used to go in to the woods, draging me dogs favorite toy behind with a rope and hide it under some roots or where ever. Morning after it was tracking, and oh man! Even if she was a small poodle, she was going as if her life depended on it. I think its a good exorsise to do once a week or somthing like that, to stimulate the whole dog to use its strongest sence to solve problems. Even throwing the dogs dinner out in the grass, so it have to sniff it out is a good way to ‘exorsice’ the dog if it is somewhat hyper i think

  2. i totally get this! my family are getting a dog for christmas and we are all doing our research. We are getting a maltese and sheis so energetic this could really help!

  3. I just got my border collie and already own a lab and this really help boscoe and echo!!! My agility class is much better!

  4. “Last time I checked, we bring dogs into our lives to make our lives better…” Here’s the science that proves this: Dogs create Oxycontin into our system just by petting which is the same drug released by the Hypothalamus that is released during breast feeding which creates the strong bond between child and mother. Dogs also receive this Neurotransmitter which lowers blood pressure, reduces Cortisol which reduces stress in the body, IE; people have better lives with dogs… Science is backing this up… This is not me ranting nonsense, BTW. There’s more science that backs up that our lives are better off with dogs than not. A great relationship with canines is a big key to having a better life, therefore Positive Training techniques are ratified by just about every scientist studying the relationship between dogs and humans.
    Love Thy Dog,
    Wolfy 🙂

    1. Ya, sorry about the miss-spell. I’ve been correcting myself, but haven’t done so here. Thanks,
      Wolfy 🙂

  5. Your videos make sense! I like your videos!  I was a firm believer in Caesar Milan but love does trump all emotions.  

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Too often people choose a puppy on looks alone without thinking about the breed and whether the breed fits their own life-style.  Basset hounds are great when their owners are themselves laid back and easy going, but too often we see laid back owners with Collies, Springers or Labradors – dogs bred to be working outdoors all day long. These owners then complain or blame their dogs for being “hyper” or “uncontrollable” when in fact its the owners who are at fault.

    If you are an indoor person, don’t choose an outdoor “working” breed – it’s plain cruel. Then again, it’s also cruel to pick a quite, relaxed breed if you are an active person who enjoys running, hiking and spending hours on the go outdoors.

    If you want a dog, first look at yourself and pick a breed that suites your life style – no matter how cute a particular puppy looks.

    1. True, I chose my Australian shepherd because of his look and life style and he fits perfectly. I had a pug before because my parents only allowed me a small dog and he didn’t fit me at all so I ended up ignoring him, he was too boring for me when I needed a dog who needs a lot of exercise and training

  7. Do you have any suggestions on brain teasing activities for dogs while us humans are away at work during the day?

  8. My mom always says “give that dog a job” so when i take her for a walk a make her carry a bag with 2 bottles of water (one for each side so it’s balance) and then when we get to a nice place i take the bag off and we run a and play,sometimes she carries half of a picnic and i carry the rest and i meet some friends at the park i think she likes it, and i think she likes it even more when we return home because the water botlles are empty XD She looks very proud with her little bag 

  9. Cool! Due to mobility issues, doing the walk thing has never been an option, so instead I’ve done the tennis ball routine. How cool is it to find out you were already doing the right thing! I’m “liking” Zak George!!

  10. I absolutely agree with you. People don’t realize how much time is involved with having a dog. It’s like having a damn kid! I don’t walk my Husky every day. I get on my bike and run that damn dog twice a day. My life revolves around that damn dog. I want to get something out of the garage? Obi will see me and I’ll have to play with him for a few min. Tired from work? have to spend at least 10 min with the dog before I do anything. I hate that damn dog that I love so much!

    1. It’s very true though, especially in high energy breeds like sleigh and herding dogs. Huskies are bred to pull sleds for hours a day. You really can’t expect a leisure walk to do the trick for them, a twice daily bike run is more of what they need. Sure, if you have an elderly yorkie, then a short leisure daily walk is plenty. But people need to keep that in mind before they get a dog; if you don’t want an active lifestyle and won’t be able to devote a lot of time to making sure your dog has one, then you really shouldn’t get a shepherd, collie, malamute, etc.

  11. Not true! I work my wife to the bone and she still has behavioral problems forcing me to give her up. (kidding!)

    Great video. I agree that exercise is a big factor in behavioral problems.


  13. My hyper dog doesn’t like to run and fetch, he ruffled with it . It is more interesting for him to tease me to run after him with stuff in his mouth.

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