3 Ways to Get your Dog Playing!

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43 Replies to “3 Ways to Get your Dog Playing!”

    1. OK awesome and what’s your favorite brand of dog food because we are getting a yellow lab puppy and we want to know what to feed it.

    2. Babno WOW thanks there’s a lot of valuable information there I’ll definitely switch my dog food brand now.

  1. This is going to help me so much thanks!!! You make dog or puppy training sound so fun!!! And your book is really good 😊

  2. Aww Stella was so cute
    For some reasoning think Italian greyhounds and chihuahuas look cutest with an underbite

  3. OMG that little face is too cute. And the spindly little legs. <3.

    It's adorable how greyhounds look like deer.

    1. Well. I was kinda wrong and kinda right. Cause if you look at the dog saying it’s a greyhound, you would think of the bigger greyhounds, but saying it’s an Italian greyhound, you would think of this dog specifically 🙂 Right?

    2. Jamie Wilson Yep ! That sure is the cutest little dog I have ever seen. I want one, hahaha😀…

    1. I got the book too I’ve read older dog books all they really talk about is facts and history but what year are we in Zaks book just makes like a hundred times more sense plus no choke collars and it doesn’t involve hurting your dog

    1. Hugh Jass nope smol cermet go and watch some stupid video unlike jennas oh i know watch some more jacksfilms GOODBYE

  4. Thanks, I’m getting a puppy in the summer, and just discovered your channel. The videos are very helpful, and I just got your book in the mail to!

  5. Adopted two adult dogs who I have tried to get to play. How do I get them motivated. When they are young as the dog you are using in this video, it’s much easier because they are young and playful.

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